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We have a genuine love for culinary exploration and believe that food should be fun. It's not just about the flavours on the plate; it's about the infectious laughter, the lively banter, and the unforgettable moments that unfold when friends and family bond over delicious meals.

Our food is bold, vibrant, flavourful, often steeped in fire and smoke, like food cooked on ancient crackling fires. Each dish is a conversation starter. Sometimes cheeky, sometimes charming, always memorable. Whether you want to kickstart your day with a well-made cuppa, indulge in leisurely lunches, enjoy social dinners, or gather for weekend breakfasts with friends, Jones Social has just the thing to keep your stomachs happy and your hearts full.

Toast to good times, memorable moments, and laughter at our bar. Whether you crave a refreshing highball, a timeless classic, or one of our signature creations, our skilled bartenders are here to craft exactly what you desire and to take you on an adventure.

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